The Jura Mountains are a 30-minute drive from Geneva, and straddle the border of France and Switzerland. They offer a network of around 3,000 kilometres of groomed cross-country ski trails centred around villages. There is also an 80 kilometre trail that runs through the Massif du Jura called the Grande Traversée du Jura, which parallels the arc of the crescent-shaped mountain range and is groomed for both classic and skating techniques. It is a linear route that can be skied as a tour for a week or so transporting baggage on ahead, or arranging transport back to a base each day.

Many thanks to Alan Thornton of LRNSC for providing some of this information.

Cross Country Ski Tracks

Here is an interactive cross country ski map of the Jura. This shows the main Traversée, and if you zoom in all of the way, it will also show all of the routes around each town, colour coded for difficulty.

Areas to cross country ski

The skiing varies in complexity, examples being:

  • long relatively easy flat valley tracks
  • more challenging hillier terrain along the French/Swiss border in tracks at:
    • La Vattay (Col de la Faucille 1250m – 1350m)
    • The Forêt du Massacre 1150m – 1300m between Les Rousses and Lamoura
  • other areas to try are Lamoura, Les Rousses, Bellefontaine, Les Fourgs, Swiss Balcon du Jura.

Where to Stay

The village of:

  • Les Rousses
  • Lamoura
  • Col de la Faucillle
  • Foncine le Haut
  • Les Molunes
  • Les Fourgs


There is very limited public transport, so it works best if you have a car or hire a minibus for a group.  There might be enough skiing for beginners at Lamoura for a week if the snow is good. However, most places are more suitable for 2-3 days, then you need to move a few miles to a different starting point.

Cross Country Ski Loppets

The historic La Transjurassienne or Transju’, starts on the original route: 68 kilometres between Lamoura (Jura) and Mouthe (Doubs) and is in the Worldloppet series of races.