GoXski brings together a range of information about Cross Country Skiing and Rollerskiing in the UK and Europe

• Where to ski • How to get there • 
• Where to Stay • How to Learn • 
• Trails and Facilities and lots more …

With a short experience of cross country skiing, but a huge love of being out on the løipe for the day, the exhilaration of a race, or watching magical scenery when the temperatures plummet, I thought a central point of information for all things langlauf might be beneficial to all.

All too often whilst I’m researching new places, I come across websites  with masses of information on downhill areas, but I have to look really hard to piece all of the bits together for cross country skiing.

So, this is a compilation of information, a place for people to find out how and where to cross country ski and rollerski, where they can join a club and be with like minded people and share information via Facebook with an exchange of ideas and ways of meeting up for transport, races or just someone else to ski with.

Content is regularly updated and I welcome your input, so feel free to get in touch

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