Cross Country Ski Races

Here is the current list of  cross country ski races for the 2019-2020 season in a Google Sheets format which is downloadable here. Some dates may be subject to confirmation later in the season, and I have assumed they will be on the day before the date of this year.

The key is below for the table, and you can read more about each series at the bottom of this page.

The Masters World Cup

In 2020 this will be held in Cogne, Italy.
Find out how you can take part

The Worldloppett Series (WL)

Worldloppet Masters, Multiple Masters and Passport Holders

International Association of Worldloppet Skiers (IAWLS)

This is a non-profit, registered association with a double goal:

  • to help XC skiers interested in Worldloppet races with practical advice
  • to serve as a link between the skiers and the race organizers in view of improving the quality of the races.

Their basic philosophy is that they are enthusiastic WL skiers but also consumers who wish to get the best possible service for our money. There is a mutual interest between skiers and organizers which can be stated shortly as: “no organizers, no race – no skiers, no race!”

The Euroloppet Series (EL) and Eurolopet Partner Races (EP)

You will find all the information you need to participate in Euroloppets on their website. If you apply for a Euroloppet passport you are eligible for additional offers and reduced fees on entrance. There are also tips on good purchases and how to travel to and from venues.

Link to map graphic

Visma Ski Classics (V)

Operated by the company SC Long Distance Skiing AB, owned by W sportsmedia, Vasaloppet and Birkebeinerrennet, it was created in order to enhance the world of long distance skiing. Ski Classics is unique by having Pro Teams and Amateurs as well and men and women on the same start line.

For 2016 Visma Ski Classics has introduced an app where you can follow the Live Center from each race and watch a live broad-cast, get the latest split times, news and standings for the top athletes. You can also see the course maps and profiles, check out the rules and take a peek at start lists before the races start. It can be downloaded here.

Ski.start Ski Challenge (SK)

As long distance ski racing has grown in popularity the Long-distance race Cup, now named Ski Challenge has put together long distance races in a cup with a common platform, scoring and standardised age groups. The organisers have primarily taken note of the wishes of a rapidly growing group of athletes who have found new challenges in the long distance races around the country. It does not mean that elite skiers are forgotten. The aim is to achieve a well-balanced mix between performance and experience.

Challenge Haute Savoie (C)

Three long distance Nordic races are organised in 3 different mountains to make up the “HSN Challenge”.

ICA Supermarket Jemtland Ski Tour

The ICA Supermarket Jemtland Ski Tour is in its fourth year in Sweden in 2017, and is arranged by six long-distance race organizers in the region. The Tour is open to both elite and recreational skiier, and all long distance races in the Tour provide seeding for the Vasaloppet and TjejVasan.

Skitour Series (ST)

This series comprises six races and five different destinations in the mountains of the Czech Republic.

Austrian Loppet (A)

A series of races held throughout Austria

Swiss Loppet (SL)

The Swiss Loppet is the series that includes the eleven biggest popular cross-country ski competitions in Switzerland.

The varied competitions of the Swiss Loppet take place from late December to mid-March and culminate with the Engadine Ski Marathon.

Estoloppet (E)

Is a series of loppets held within Estonia

Stopa Pro Zivot (CZ)

The Stopa pro zivot series connects 5 popular cross country skiing events in the Czech Republic.