Cogne is the cross-country skiing capital of Valle d’Aosta.

The trails run under the peaks of the Grivola and Gran Paradiso for 80 km, passing through the villages of Epinel, Lillaz and Valnontey in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The variety of runs of different lengths offer something to suit skiers of all levels.

Cross Country Ski Trail Map

Cogne (1534 m.)

  • 1.5 km loop (KO Sprint) World Cup – easy
  • 2 km loop – easy
  • 3,300 km loop – easy
  • 3,750 km loop World Cup – easy
  • 5 km loop – medium
  • 7.5 km loop – medium
  • 15 km loop – difficult
  • 45 km loop – difficult (Marciagranparadiso)

Lillaz (1617M):  

  • 1,5 km loop – easy
  • 3,5 km loop – medium
  • 5 km loop – medium

Valnontey (1666M): 

  • 5 km loop – easy 

Epinel (1452M):  

  • 3 km loop – easy 
  • 5 km loop – medium 

Grooming: classic or skating 

Foyer de fond c/o Maison de la Grivola: equipment hire, changing rooms, showers, waxing room, sauna. 

Signs: boards at start/end of runs, signs where the trails fork and arrows indicating direction. 

Ticket sales:  
Daily and weekly passes can be purchased from: 

  • Cogne: automatic ticket office (only daily ticket near the roundabout at the entrance of the village), ticket office at the cross-country center, Consorzio Operatori Turistici, Foyer du Fond.
  • Lillaz: automatic ticket office ( only daily ticket near the cross-country slopes, near to the chapel.)
  • Valnontey: automatic ticket office ( only daily ticket near to the parking.)
  • Epinel: automatic ticket office only daily ticket near to the sport area).

Season tickets: (photo ID required) are on sale from the ticket office at the cross-country ski centre (near the children’s park in Cogne) and at the Consorzio Operatori Turistici.

First aid/rescue service on the runs: Gran Paradiso- Pila spa Cableways tel. 0165.74008 and 112.