This is a small area at the bottom of Lake Achensee, Austria, shown on the ski map below at the bottom right corner. See the other ski areas in the vicinity to create a full week’s cross country skiing experience – Achenkirch, Steinberg, Maurach and Pertisau

Cross Country Ski Map

Cross Country Ski Tracks/Routes

Cross-country ski trail Buchau (see bottom of map above)
Catch the bus from Achenkirch or Maurach to Buchau. The bus will pull into the swimming pool at Buchau to stop, and this is also a nice area if you wish to have a swim after a workout, or just on your day off.

Buchau swimming pool

The track at Buchau has stunning views across the lake to Pertisau and has some gentle ups and downs on the loop which are excellent for beginners to move up to, and skaters to practice without too much of an incline.

View from the swimming pool cafe across Lake Achensee

After a mid morning break at the swimming pool cafe you can continue on to Maurach where you will find another loop of trails to explore, and many restaurants to choose from in the town. These tracks are a short walk off of the Buchau trail. From Maurach you can also take the trail onto Pertisau, and for the return, you can either ski back, or can catch the bus from Peritsau (change at Maurach), or directly from Maurach if you are going no further.

Where to Stay

Choose from accommodation in Achenkirch, Pertisau or Maurach and catch the bus to the Buchau tracks.