Beitostølen lies on the edge of the beautiful Jotunheimen National Park and offers 320 km of groomed cross-country trails in the forest and mountains.  It is a compact resort which is easy to get around, and is situated around the base of a downhill ski area, with all the resort facilities within easy walking distance. For a small village, there is a surprising number of restaurants, bars and shops to choose from, plus several supermarkets and bakery, all housed in attractive wooden cabins.

The webcam is situated at the Bergo Hotel and looks out towards the downhill ski slopes.

Beitostølen web cam[/caption]

Getting to Beitostølen – Airport

Oslo is the nearest airport and is about a 3-4 hour bus journey away.

Transfer from Airport to Beitostølen

If you are travelling independently then you can catch the Valdres Express.

Getting there – Bus

You can book a bus ticket from Gardermoen, Oslo airport to Beitostolen

Getting around – Ski Bus

There is a free small ski minibus that runs between Beitostølen and the downhill resort at Raudalen. You can use this to start the routes further to the west, or to bus/ski in either direction from Beitostølen if you don’t want to ski both ways. The bus picks up from the lay-by next to Huset Steak and Bones restaurant and the cafe at the foot of the Raudalen downhill piste. You may even find that if you are the only ones on the bus, they will drop you to your hotel if it is reasonably central.


Here is the number of a local taxi service which is handy to have for getting about: +47 613 406 00.

Map of Beitostølen town

Beitostølen town map

Main Tourist information website

Detailed cross country ski track grooming information

Cross Country Ski Trail map of Beitostølen and interactive cross country ski map

The best way to plan your route is to use the information on when the network of ski tracks were last groomed.  This map can be access from a phone and is useful on the trail, and also gives the route profile and length. This information is available for the whole of Norway so can be used in other resorts.

Beitostølen Cross Country Ski Route suggestions