What is Rollerskiing?

We can’t talk about cross country skiing without including roller skiing, as the two have become synonymous. Rollerskiiing was designed as a way of keeping fit during the summer months, as it follows the same movements as cross country skiing. It is carried out on smooth tarmac surfaces and the rollerski comprises a short base with a wheel at either end.

Rollerski Courses

There are many clubs who offer roller ski instruction, so take a look to find one in your local area in the Club Section.

SSE usually hold a weekend rollerski course once a year for beginners and intermediates, as well as courses to become an instructor. These are held at several locations throughout the UK.

Rollerski Practice and Training

As it is a niche sport in the UK, you would get the best out of joining a club for instruction, and the best locations for roller skiing, together with others to be able to train with. Take a look in the Club Section for one in your area.

Looking for Other Places to Rollerski?

It is particularly difficult to find the right terrain to enjoy a good rollerski. Alastair Brown has compiled a brilliant Rollerski Directory for this purpose, so take a look to find something in your area to try out.

Rollerski Races

GB Rollerski Series

The GB Rollerski series of races is open to all standards of skiers is aimed to encourage participation and fair competition. Races runs from about April to October each year and are held at various club’s in the UK, and Scotland.

Here are the results of the current GB Rollerski Race Series.

Rollerski Races in Europe

An increasing amount of people like to try their hand at competing in larger rollerski races in Europe, where roller skiing is not such a niche sport. The most well known of these are – Alliansloppet, Trollhättan, SWE – Third weekend in August