Saariselkä Finland

Saariselkä is approximately 250 kms north of the Arctic Circle and is Europe’s northernmost holiday resort. Because of its location, the cross country skiing season lasts from October till May, starting on artificial snow and ending with spring snow. There are 200 km of cross-country ski tracks 34 km of which are illuminated.

Resort Map and Layout


Here is the main Saariselkä tourist website

Saarisalka Loipe Map

Ski Map

The Interactive Ski Map

Can be found here

Ski Track Information

Start of the ski tracks from Saariselkä village

Kaunispääm rinne 0 Santa’s Hotel Tunturi – Laanila (6km)

Kuutamolatu (6 km)

Laanila – Kilopää – Kakslauttanen – Tievatupa (20 km)

Kiilopää 0 Luulampi – Rumankuru (11 km)

Prospektorin reitti (3 km)

Ahopään ylitys (4.5km)

Sivakkaoja (Kiilpoää – Tievatupa) (6 km)

Koiralatu: Saariselkä – Luttotupa – Moitakuru – Palo-oja (20km)

Saariskelkä – Kaunispää – Palo-oja (8 km)

Saariselkä – Kaunispää – Luttojoki (6 km)

Iisakkipää (5 km)

Ski Tracks Open/Grooming information

Most of the tracks are maintained by a big track machine but some of the fell and wilderness track are maintained by a snowmobile.

Real time track information

Can be found here

Cafe’s Along the Ski Tracks

This season’s cafe’s and opening times:

Husky Bar ”Mehtäbaari”

  • +358 (0)16 667 776
  • will open in the middle of March


Kaunispään huippu – Summit of Kaunispää



Laanilan Kievari – Laanila Inn

Sometimes called the Dancing Bar.  It serves good food and drinks and supplies comfortable fleecy blankets if you need to ride out some bad weather

Luulampi Cafe

  • Open daily at 10:00-16:00 starting from 18 Feb 2018

Moitakuru Cafe

  • 28 Feb 2018 – 20 Apr 2018 open on Sunday-Friday at 10:30-15:00, Saturdays closed.
  • 31 Mar 2018 open at 10:30-15:00
  • +358 (0)44 521 1801


Neste Saariselkä – Gas Station Neste

Porotupa Cafe in the market of Saariselkä

Piispanoja – A trackside hut to the west of Laanila on the illuminated track, which offers a welcoming fire and a place to cook your sausages

Savottakahvila Cafe

Sport Bistro Pilkku

  • Open daily 10:00-17:00
  • In the service center of Ski lifts, +358 (0)400-885 591

Tievatupa Cafe


Here is the weather forecast for the area. Because of its location some ski trails in the Saariselkä area are in the real wilderness. Make sure you are properly equipped before you leave and find out what the weather conditions will be during the day, do not underestimate the nature and overestimate your fitness level. Take a fully charged phone with you. Stay on marked trails and read the signs carefully.