The Fjällgården hotel and the areas of Ramundberget and Bruksvallarna  are fairly quiet, despite the recent construction of newer cabins in the area.  The road literally ends and the rest is wilderness reindeer territory. Ramundberget has a lot of tracks and winter trails that have a refreshment stop at the end and a waffle or two. Old Shielings and the Helags and Sylarna mountain ranges give some challenging skiing.

During winter there are trails over the mountains, through the valleys, hilly and flat, amongst birch and fir-tree forests. There are also some trails specifically for children next to LillRamis.

Pre-Season Training

As early as October skiers can usually start using the groomed trails around the village.

Tourist Page for the Resort

This is the main information page for the resort of Ramundberget, in the Funäsfjällen region of Sweden.

Cross Country Ski Map

You can find the Ramundberget cross country ski map here and reproduced below.

Cross Country Ski Trail Grooming Information

Information about the current state of grooming in Ramundberget can be found here

Cross Country Ski Track Prices

There’s a fee for skiing on the cross country trails, so you must buy a trail badge for the relevant period.

Cross Country Ski Routes in Ramundberget

Take the 7 kilometre stretch towards the Össjöstugan waffle cabin. Then take the ski trail marked by the red crosses that indicate mountain passes. This has some lovely views over the Norwegian mountainside to the west. The last two kilometres to the Fjällnäs hotel are steep downhills with some curves. This yellow, timber hotel is Sweden’s oldest fell hotel and has been receiving visitors since the 1800’s. There is a charm to the hotel, which has good food and wine.

Where to Stay

There are many options of cabins and hotels within the resort and you will find a good selection here on the Ramundberget website.

Where to Eat

Restaurant Tusen

If you plan on visiting Ramundberget it is well worth taking a detour and stop for lunch at the Tusen restaurant during your ski session. Situated at 1000 meters with a birch tree façade, the restaurant draws its design inspiration from a circular Lapp cot with panoramic views of the mountain landscape. The cuisine steps away from traditional skier’s food to a more daring and wild approach, with dishes ranging from reindeer, arctic char and venison.


There is a small  restaurant called Ösjöstugan, in a cabin in Ramundberget, which is famous for serving delicious waffles.