Kittilä Finland

Kittilä stands at a latitude of 67.8° north and is located approximately 170 km (110 mi) north of the Arctic Circle.  It has its own airport and the nearest railway station is Kolari.



You can find some background information on the area and it’s villages and their lives in this brochure.




There are ten fells in the area – Aakenustunturi, Korsatunturi, Kumputunturi, Kätkätunturi, Kätkätunturi (northern), Lainiotunturi, Levitunturi (Levi), Puljutunturi, Pyhätunturi, Pyhätunturi (western).

The map below shows the general area of Kittilä, LeviAkäslompolo and its many fells. Clicking on the map will take you to the National Land Survey of Finland website where you will need to zoom in for more detailed contouring. Or alternatively you can view a different version in Google maps.

Ski Tracks

We hope to locate a map of ski tracks soon, but here is a description of where they start, description and lengths.

Tracks are accessible from:

  • the church parking-lot (Valtatie 93, 99100 Kittilä)
  • Levi Institute (Valtatie 82)
  • next to district heating plant behind hotel Kittilä building (Valtatie 49)
  • Kittilä sports centre (Havutie 2)
  • S-Market (Valtatie 68)
  • Kittilä Workshops (Teollisuustie 8)
  • near Kittilän Pesula (Latotie 1) Väliauttontie or from Paartoselkä

Distances counted from the Kittilä Sports Centre

Paartoselkä 12,5 km
Isovaara 12,8 km
Honkavaara 20 km
Särestö 34 km

In the Spring tracks are open to Lapinkylä where they connect with with the Levi tracks. When you ski from Kittilä there is a café in Kultamaa, in the village of Kenttälä, by the Nälkäjärvi lake which is 3 km before Lapinkylä. If you are skiing to Paartoselkä, you will reach a teepee along the Ylävitonen-track. The Särestöniemi track usually opens in March before the Särestöniemi skiing event.

Trails are maintained daily when necessary, but during heavy snow the tracks are cleared after snowfall has ended and in the following order:

1.    Lit tracks (including Paartoselkä and Ylävitonen)
2.    Honkavaara route
3.    Isovaara
4.    Route that leads to Levi

Connections to Levi

Levi centre 31,8 km
Lapinkylää 20,8 km
Kultamaa 16,8 km

Lit Tracks

The main skiing trail in Kittilä is lit up daily between 6am- 10pm. The  main trails in Levi are lit up daily between 6am-11pm. As the spring progresses and the days are filled with more natural light, the trail lights turn off accordingly.