Dalseter is situated in the valley of Espedalen and the area around Espedalen/Dalseter, and Fefor/Gålå, holds some of the best undisturbed cross-country terrain in the world. Double tracks on more than 300 km through forests and mountains will leave you with a great experience, no matter the level of skiing experience you have.

How to Get there – Air

The nearest airport to Dalseter is Oslo Gardermoen which is 220 km away.

Dalseter is situated in the valley of Espedalen – along Fv255,also known as Bjørnsonvegen. The road goes on the west side of Gudbrandsdalen, between Lillehammer and Vinstra.

How to get there – Train

The nearest train stations to Dalseter are Espedalen: Vinstra (36 km) and Lillehammer (78km) and these provide good train connections. Guests staying at the Dalseter Høyfjellshotell who notify them of their arrival in advance, can be picked up at either location.  They can also help in arranging bus transportation for larger and small groups.

How to get there – Bus

The local bus number 409, from Vinstra (via Skåbu) goes all the way to/from Dalseter and connects with trains arriving/departing Vinstra.

For an updated bus schedule – look at Opplandstrafikk and region number 400, route 409 Vinstra – Skåbu / Dalseter.

Where to Stay

The Dalseter Høyfjellshotell is situated at the top of the mountain valley of Espedalen at 930 meters above sea level and it has a wonderful view of the valley and the mountains in Jotunheimen National Park. It is a family-owned and managed hotel, where third generation hospitality welcome you to a nice vacation in the mountains. This is the Facebook page of the Dalseter Høyfjellshotell.

GB Nordic

For many years Stuart Montgomery of XC-UK used the hotel for cross country skiing holidays, and now a group of Instructors know as GB Nordic have based themselves at the Dalseter Hoyfjellshotell. On these hosted weeks you can chose to cross country ski independently, on a lead tour, or take instruction, on or off track, and this is open to all levels of ability.

Here are the details of prices, dates and available Instructors who will be leading and coaching.

Ski Track Information

Current tracks and conditions for Dalseter can be found here.